10 Signs of An Insecure Boss

Leadership is not a foreign concept. There are managers who focus on technique, productivity and micro-managing. Some signs are clear that he lacks confidence and abilities to run a successful company. There are many reasons why they are insecure.

Here are 10 signs you can see:

1. You did something right and he never praises you. He thinks that praising you makes him weaker.

2. He fails to take accountable for his actions and blames his staff for the mistake he made.

3. There is a need for immediate deadlines for topics that are informal. Instead of negotiating for the deadline, he asks for the hard due date which is out-of-the-way.

4. He agrees your date for vacation and ignores it at the last-minute. The worst case scenario is he does not remember the discussion about it at all.

5. He uses email a lot. He correspond with you in writing about your work performance, projects, due dates and more. Never care to discuss face to face or talk about it.

6. He finds it hard to interact with go-getters. He only hangs out with employees who are not a direct threat to him. He does not develop working relationships with top employees who are doing well in their job.

7. He over-delegates which is the lack of competence. He needs to have others do his work. If an employee fails this task, he blames him for failing to meet the expectations. If he done a good job, he will take full credit of the success.

8. He is afraid to make mistakes. He prefers to report facts than current trends and forecasts.

9. He loves meetings and uses it to his advantage to look busy.

10. He is more focused on his appearance than hone his leadership skills.

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