Remote Assistance: Myths You Likely Believe

remote assistance

There is misinterpretation about virtual assistants. In reality, super virtual assistants do not exist. What do we really know about them that separates them from the rest? Do they really do everything? How do they become “super”? When you say super, are you actually trying to find the perfect VA? 

Sorry to break your dream. There are no super virtual assistants. Though, being a virtual assistant does not limit you to learn skills you need. The possibilities are endless. It is never too late to learn. You always have to be sensitive about personal learning and adaptability. 

Here are some myths that I have discovered during my virtual assistant career.

1. Super Virtual Assistants do not exist. I multitask every single day yet I always ask myself. Can I do a lot of tasks in a day? The idea sounds ridiculous. They must have a great personality, go getter, extreme multitasker, a self-starter and learns a lot of skills. This is a wrong idea of what should be a virtual assistant.

2. Virtual Assistant Generalist knows everything. The truth is they don’t. Unless you train them how your company and systems work and how it goes. They should be fine because training is the key to success.

3. The one day know how VA. Based on experience, some people do place a lot of expectations on Virtual Assistants. They expect VA’s even generalist to know your program, your site, your company and its processes all in one day. It is complicated. You need to know your expectations so you will not have any problems hiring one.

4. You cannot get quality work for a low payment. Some of my friends almost fall for this kind of scheme. Someone wants to do business. Yet their income expectations are so low that nobody wants to do the project. Virtual Assistants who have years of experience do not just compromise to low payment schemes just because they want to earn money. They want to produce quality work with the right offer. Quality and super low costs do not go together. A VA who knows her worth does not accept super low offers.

5. In connection to number 2, Training and Supervising a Virtual Assistant does not need a lot of time. You can train for a week or two depending on the increment of tasks you give to your VA. If you give weekly tasks so you give her weekly training. Training can also be live, recorded, in text or even using an e-book. There are a lot of ideas on how you can start to train your VA. Once you figure your daily and weekly tasks, you need to delegate it properly.

It does matter what your expectations for your remote assistance. All it matters is to keep an open mind and do not assume about your virtual assistant’s abilities. Virtual Assistants are resourceful, self-learners and determined to make every business successful.


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Doing Business in the Philippines

Let me give some tips on why doing business in the Philippines is good for you. Setting up your start up business can be a huge hassle if you don’t know where to do. Knowing your responsibilities in taking the right steps to legalize your business can have benefits.  

Most start ups worry about money, the taxes and the expenses on the first year of operations. It is important to learn the relevant government agencies who can help you to legalize your business.  Here is the list of government agencies that you should know.

1. BIR – Bureau of Internal Revenue

2. SSS – Social Security System

3. Philhealth – Philippine Health Insurance

4. Pag-ibig – Home Development Mutual Fund

5. Pag-ibig Online – Pag-ibig Fund Services

6. DOLE – Department of Labor and Employment

7. DTI – Department of Trade and Industry

8. S.E.C – Securities and Exchange Commission (Corporations and Partnership)

Take time to read the business applications, the process, and the procedures before you act to legalize your business. Believe me, I have been there. It can be a waste of time if you do not know where to next and where it is located. It’s different here in the Philippines, not all agencies have unified requirements. That means you have to ask for documentation every time.

I would suggest you can hire an agency who can take care all of your business documentation. It’s easy for you to setup and all you have to do is to fill in your information.

If you want to setup business in Cebu, Philippines. You need to read and browse this sites.

Starting a Business in Mandaue Cebu

For Corporate/Partnership: Doing Business in Cebu

Business Name Registration

Service Information For Start-Ups


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Life-Changing High Expectations: Step-by-Step Guide

high expectations

In the virtual assistant’s world, both employers and virtual assistants have to mismatch high expectations when it comes to acquiring skills, job requirements, work performance, and career stability. A virtual assistant does not put herself in a situation. Doing tasks for a boss who delegates everyday tasks. Unknowingly, he starts to think about not paying your once training starts.

To get the service you deserve. Think about your virtual assistant’s expectations. You can lay ground rules for your business. You fall short on giving job benefits to her. You are going to miss out on one thing that could make her happy. Here are common reasons:

a.) A VA can do everything perfectly without mistakes. VA’s are humans. We commit mistakes just like anyone else. We all have different ways of learning and coping. Adjust your standards when hiring someone from India or the Philippines. They may not be as aggressive like the Americans.

b.) Being able to read your mind. Employers duty is to communicate about hours of working, work leaves, salary, working days and rest days. Virtual assistants should tell their side too without limitations. An agreement is finalized before starting projects. 

c.) Not laying a good foundation for job contracts. As we all know, there are too good to be true jobs and scam jobs that offer great pay and commission. Yet they leave you feeling in the middle and not satisfied with the results. 

d.) The process of hiring and firing. Hiring a VA is not shopping and free. Don’t even think of hiring several virtual assistants and let them do work with you like they are supposed to be paid for the job they do. Train them, know your boundaries. 

As a start-up business owner, give yourself time to learn. Patience to admit your mistakes and grow from it. Never rely too much on what you know. Short-term goals are important aside from the long-term goals that you set for your business. Start reading, learning and educating yourself on becoming the great employer.


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Super Virtual Assistant: The Misconceptions

virtual assistant

Different advertisements from job portals who have posting job requirements and qualifications seem to find someone who has it all. Call them “Super Virtual Assistants”. There are job posts indicating they are looking for Super VA’s for a low rate. Really? Is it possible for a virtual assistant to do everything for a low price? How would you interpret this?

The role of a virtual assistant does not stop at administrative duties. It goes far beyond making reports, back office management, and customer service. How far should an employer take a different perspective on hiring a virtual assistant that can match the job description? Can VA’s really do everything you tell them to do? Can Virtual Assistants demand the salary they want?

Look at the big picture, virtual assistants might know it all yet they do not possess all the skills.  They are good resourceful people who always learn and knows how to make things work. Yet low wage virtual assistants hardly have the expertise to do everything thoroughly. These are some misconceptions about them:

a) Expect perfection from a virtual assistant. Communicate instructions clearly to your virtual assistant. Use a productivity tool to organize tasks according to projects and dates.

b) Mismatch virtual assistant and employer. A good match would benefit the long-term relationship between employer and assistant.

c) The concept of multitasking. We are good in multi-tasking. However, we should know how effective it can help us finish the job.

d) Micro-managing your employee. Micromanagers give employees tasks to do and meddle by over analyzing every detail involved. This is not a good treatment. It seems they have no confidence in the assistant’s ability to do her tasks well. Try to focus on the results you want. Give your employee the freedom to do their jobs.

e) You get what you paid for. Hire a Super Virtual Assistant with low rates. Do not expect a lot. Do not expect quality and excellent results when you hire someone below the minimum wage.

When you hire, it is best to define your objectives, job descriptions and the tasks involved. Being a business owner and manager must realize that they need to listen to their employees. Get ideas on how to improve business.  Do not assume employees are there just to work for you. They have the expertise, experience, and the skill to help your business grow.

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Ingredients to Success: Ways To Make The Boss Happy

the boss

Is the boss happy? Maybe? You have to gain his favor by doing tasks for him. The question is would he notice you are doing a good job at the office? What are your chances to get the recognition you want? You want a fool-proof ways on how to make him see your extra effort. How? 

Read the following checklist about tips on going out of your way to make them see you have the good employee vibe. 

1. When your boss gives you the entire day to do all the tasks. Give him a reason to smile. Being serious on the job has its benefits. Letting him see that you are actually enjoying what you do will put you in a good place.

2. Ask questions. Some employees chose not to ask questions. Observed your community, people avoid this to be labeled as unintellectual and weak. Personally, posing questions may help you in the long run. Be interested in becoming good at what you do.

3. Owning your mistakes. Employers can be forgiving and lenient. Learn from your mistakes. Seek personal methods or strategies to improve yourself. Do not rely too much upon on what you know. Or assume you know it all.

4. Be friendly and nice to the boss. When you are being friendly, they will reciprocate your nice gesture. It will make your business relationship with them effortless.

5. Communicate effectively. Communication is important in the workplace. It is two-way and not one-sided. If you do not understand what your boss is trying to tell you. Do not try to read between the lines. Ask politely and be specific.

6. Dress appropriately. In the workplace, it is advisable to look good, not slutty. Look corporate. No to overly revealing clothes. In the corporate world, looking at your best will help you gain an advantage while you do better on your job. When you work as a virtual assistant, there are some misconceptions that you can work in your pajamas. It does happen. Though I would not recommend it. It gives you lack of preparation and the feeling of laziness. Dress appropriately even as a virtual assistant. It will boost your productivity, confidence and improve your habits.

7. Do your work on time. It is perfectly safe to assume that all employers do check your working hours. Even when your boss says you can work anytime you want. Follow this rule: Set a specific time for your work. Delegate your time will benefit you. When you change hours, please do not forget to remind your boss. You can have extra time with your kids, your wife or husband, your extracurricular activities or even time for yourself.

8. Be an example. We are not perfect. We are only humans. By letting him see that you’re responsible and accountable, they will learn to trust you.

Our attitude at the workplace always determines our daily disposition. Whether you work at the office with other people or work as a virtual assistant. You need to apply what makes a good performance. You may meet mistakes which are a part of the learning process. Try not to personally take in harsh remarks. They maybe a good thought to ponder. You need to keep an open mind to move forward and do your job well.

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10 Things You Love And Hate About Virtual Assistants

virtual assistants

What do you love and hate as a virtual assistant? Would it be the working alone? The balance of work and family life? Working anywhere you like? Travelling? Not waking up too early in the morning? Getting extra rest? 

Admit it. Nobody wants to be confined to a cubicle office anymore. I face commute and traffic issues. I get to immerse myself in a knee high water that is flooding the entire parking garage where I worked after the big typhoon. How do I get away from all this?

My solution is training myself to work as a virtual assistant. I have previous admin experience and a financial background. Hey, I could do this full time. I push through despite what many people label VA’s as “The Lazy Job”.  Virtual assistants are the front runners of every small and large business. We operate individually or in a team, there are always reasons why we love and hate the job we do.

Lazy job? Nah! I get asked over and over again. Why should a girl like me want to be a virtual assistant? My reasons are endless. All I care about is being happy and have the balance I want.   are the front runners of every small and large business. We operate individually or in a team, there are always reasons why we love and hate the job we do.

So? Who are virtual assistants? VA’s are the front runners of every small and large business. They operate individually or in a team. They do jobs that no one wants to do. Like data entry, admin work, financial reports and more. You need to have the skills and the talent to get clients. there are always reasons why we love and hate the job we do.

There is always competition. That’s why it is not easy to become a virtual assistant when you don’t have direction. There are always reasons why we love and hate the job we do.

Here is a list of reasons you should love and hate about being a Virtual Assistant. Here are 5 reasons you should love being a virtual assistant and 5 reasons why you should hate it.

5 Reasons You Should Love Being a Virtual Assistant:

1. Love your working hours because it gives you time to do other tasks.

2. No dress code.

3. No office gossip, bickering, and politics. Working for yourself or a virtual has a lot of benefits from doing business as usual and not relying on emotions all the time.

4. Work anywhere you go when internet service is available.

5. Great pay. Virtual assistants are paid hourly, fixed and retainer’s fee.  You can command to get paid by projects too. 

Here are 5 reasons you should hate being a virtual assistant:

6. Working anytime can be misunderstood by family and friends. Virtual assistants are like 9-5 self-employed entrepreneurs. The idea of getting your attention anytime and anywhere gets abused.

7. Constant distractions from home and the environment wherever you go. You want to focus on your tasks. Sometimes you get distractions from noises and people all around you.

8. Balancing work, house work, dog and people duties. 

9. Not dressing up routinely. Sometimes I forget that I should treat my virtual tasks like an actual work.

10. No time limit. Learn to log in your hours honestly. You could lose money, focus and not being able to manage your time well.


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5 Ways To Get Free Advertisement For Your Services


Being new can be different to the virtual assistant industry. It gives you an ability to learn skills you do not even know. The core skills you learn over time needs more of your time. It takes effort and everyday application of the skills you have learned.

Over the past years, hiring virtual assistants has catapulted the small to large business to a new growth. The reason why you should advertise your services. This list will help you get advertisement and to target your market through free services. I have compiled 5 reasons for you to start.

1. Advertise your services on free sites like Craigslist, Facebook, Virtual Assistant Network, Forums, and Websites can help you get the clients you wanted.

2. Aim for a particular niche, free sites might not work for your best interest. There are virtual assistants or organizations that acquired their clients through a particular program. You can find sites like Fiverr, Upwork and specialize sites to advertise your online services for $5. A good way for start-ups to make a name. It will open to new opportunities that will help you learn more skills.

3. Connect and network with people who are experts in their field. When you connect to these professionals, they may even offer you some advice for your business. A good way to learn from professionals experiences in the industry and niche you want to pursue. 

4. Tell people what you do for a living. Inform your family, friends, relatives, and acquaintances that you are offering virtual services. This is a classic strategy that works. 

5.  Advertise by using a blog or website. You can start on your virtual business presence by making a free blog hosted by WordPress or Blogger. Sometimes a client will ask for your blog address to check your recent work. This could land you another project for short-term or long-term purposes.

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