10 Ways To Dominate Google Search

You just launched a new website. After spending some period, designing, creating content and spending hours optimizing each page to ensure it is well positioned in the Google organic search, you finally realized that getting your website to Google’s first page is tough because of other sites competing to be on that very first page.

The tips discussed in this write-up will certainly help you to combat these competitors so that your website will find its place on the first page of Google. These tips are as follows:

  1. Google AdWords

Create a search campaign brand and make sure that its featured websites appear within the highest paid ad results. This is an excellent means of pushing down the results of the organic search on a mobile device if ad extensions like callouts are inclusive. Make sure that you have a unique quality to ensure a nice ad positioning.

  1. Google News

You might have noticed some searches in Google News Feed advancing through the of the results of the organic search. Submitting your website to the Google News presents all your release news articles on the first results within the News feed on Google. It sometimes filters through the pages of organic search. This works fine for news that is strictly discussing your brand.

  1. Site links

Site link is selected by Google based on their relevance to the search terminology. It’s linking is below the organic sub information. This will push other websites down in the search page. It also makes your link appearance to be more eye-catching and impressive.

  1. Search box

Some sites have an internal search box. When this is combined with the markup of Schema, it will serve as a linked site and enlarge the organic result. This will then push other websites below on the search pages and increase the visibility of their website.

  1. Google My Business

Google My Business” will aid your website by making it appear on any of result search side. This is highly effective for brand searches. It is needful to check the description of your company in your account of Google business. This will ensure that your site is highly important for potential searches and other brand details.

  1. Reviews

Review and Comments are very vital for retailers online. It is also essential for local establishments, whether they operate online or not.

As an online business person, you really need the service of these reviewing sites; Yelp, Zagat, TripAdvisor and Time Out. If you desire nice positioning in the local SERPs, user reviews and comment is highly needful.

  1. Twitter feed

Relevant tweets are now appearing in search results. This is meant for personalities and brands if a hash tag is used on them.

All that is necessary for you here is to open a Twitter account. Tweeting regularly and having large followers will go a long way in helping your site to rank well on Google.

  1. Videos

Make sure that the videos you are using are SEO-optimized for trademark searches. Google like to make use of videos. This will make the content optimization to be of great benefit. The more people are subscribing for a video, the more likely of its appearance in Google searches.

  1. Pictures

If you are using images, there are some things to be considered to ensure that your images appear in the search result of Google Images. They are as follows;

  • Ensure the clarity of your file name
  • Make sure the title of the picture is equally clear and precise
  • Reduce the picture so that its size will be suitable and does not substantially increase the speed of page loading
  • Remember to add alt tags to your images. This is necessary for the description of the image content.
  • Alt tag is relevant for visitors with issues of accessibility. It will also aid in indexing your content with accuracy in the Google search engine.
  1. Organic search results

Finally, the organic search result can help you to rank well on Google search page, as long as you know how to make proper use of it. Do more research for further information on how to use the organic search result for high Google ranking.

Ranking your website high on Google nowadays is not so easy because of the competition in the world of online business. But with these tips mentioned above, you can always dominate your competitors and find your place on the first page of Google search result.

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Top 11 Google Apps To Use On Your Virtual Assistant Business

Starting your virtual assistant business? Are you equip with tools that will help you to succeed? Novice business owners sometimes discover that not all tools are design to what you really need. Only to know most of them does not fit your business goals. Looking at the big picture, you realize that using complicated applications may not work at all. You would end up missing action goals and priorities which depletes your resources over time.

Being consistent reaching your business objectives requires simplicity and efficiency of the tools. When I started my own virtual assistant business, I realize that the right programs will help me to progress easily. Having a lot of programs to use can be overwhelming. That is why there is a need to use a program easily.

To get ahead with the rest of the virtual business, use the following tools and learn how it helps you to follow through on your plans.

  1. Gmail – It works great for desktop, laptop and on a mobile device. It is easy to use, a good way to organize your email campaigns and connect with your audience. It is Free and sync to several other Google products.
  2. Google Docs – It is like a word processor. The difference between Microsoft Office and Google docs is that Microsoft Office covers a lot of complicated functions while Google docs offers a simple approach. For me, it is easier to use when I am on the go especially opening it on my tablet.
  3. Google Spreadsheet – It is like a simplified Microsoft Excel. The good thing about this app is that it covers every spreadsheet function and be able to open it anywhere using my Gmail account.
  4. Google Drive – The best app I would recommend to anyone. Using this tool made me realize that I can access my files wherever I am. It can store pictures, audio, videos, documents, spreadsheets and presentations. I never have to print documents and send them to my clients. All I have to do is to send them a share link of the file, share the access and its done. It is very simple to use.
  5. Google Site – Based on experience, the use of this program allows me to have my own website. It has superior and simple features that will allow you to edit your website and use themes or templates according to your use. The instructions are straightforward and less complicated compared to other site maker.
  6. Google Cloud Print – A modern way to print your documents that is offer wireless printing solutions to your web connected devices like mobile phone, laptop, tablet and PC. You don’t need to have a printing machine that you can bring anywhere with you. As long as you have internet connection, you can print anything.
  7. Blogger – Stand out by blogging. That is the use of Blogger. Another great tool to start your own personal or business blog. It has features that can help you to customize and accept domains of your choice. It is free and connected to your Gmail account.
  8. Google + – Need to network with industry professionals and groups? You can find some of them here. Just like any social media tool, Google + works well as a sharing tool for business and personal use. It can help you to build your own community or groups. It keeps you in loop with other people you want to connect with.
  9. Google Apps for Work – Mainly for business who wants to have their own domain connect to several Google Apps for business use. For example, sync domain emails to the Gmail service. Connect several programs using just one domain. This can be complicated since it will require permissions and some updates to the site connecting to Google.
  10. Google Adsense – Free service and you can make money using this program by placing ads on your website.
  11. Google Calendar – Another way to record and plan your schedule. Personally, I like this feature because I can connect it to my phone. One way for me to track my schedule and  organize tasks weekly.


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8 Virtual Teams Challenges Working Remotely

virtual teams

Working in virtual teams has its challenges. It may look as easy like hardly any face to face communication at all. You’re wrong. It is difficult to build trust and to manage conflict when team members lack the ability to solve problems face to face. Communication is often more challenging, particularly among global virtual teams, which can also make it more difficult to overcome cultural barriers (Ebrahim et al, 2009).

According to the report by RW3 LLC, a global business organization designed 34 questions to get information on several topics about virtual teams. The survey asks about the importance of virtual teams to their individual productivity and inter-cultural communication. The survey found out the following challenges working in virtual teams:

  1. Timezones – Setting up online meetings have to take into consideration the time zones of each of the virtual staff. The challenge is how to set up a schedule that will benefit everyone and does not compromise more of their time for the meeting.
  2. Colleagues who do not participate – Virtual teams are hard to control especially when you do not meet face to face. The tendency of meeting online only not face to face is the ability to gain a connection to your virtual staff. There are barriers to communication when other members do not understand that their role and participation contributes a lot to company tasks and goals. The solution is to make them feel they are part of the group. Isolation can be lonely. It is best to call to talk about the current tasks and goals. Letting them feel that they are valuable to the company.
  3. The pace of decision making – Decision making can be really slow when teams tackle large projects. Projects that require a lot of virtual teams involve can hinder the progress. The best solution for this is to schedule meetings and require virtual teams to collaborate and communicate consistently.
  4. Understanding different accents – It is natural for some people who acquire accents because of their mother tongue. Like how the French men talks with an accent when speaking in English. Virtual teams do have diversity in their languages. It does not have to require everyone else to speak the other team’s language. The only solution is to have the virtual teams communicate in English. When they encounter such communication barrier, let the person explain what he wants to convey to the team.
  5. The time required to reach decisions – Compared to a face to face meeting, reaching decisions can take a lot of time in the virtual environment. The solution about this is to create a communication preference to talk about the details that can happen in the spur of a moment. Making the final decision is hard when a group of the team is involved. It is better to use an application or tool to gather the best ideas for the decision making process.
  6. Different roles expectations held by each team member – When you are given a role and expect to deliver, follow instructions and fulfill company goals. You have to accomplish the tasks given to you. Never deliver when it is not your responsibility to do tasks that are beyond your capabilities.
  7. Follow through of team members – In reality, there are many reasons why virtual members have a good track record of follow through. It could be a lack of direction and to focus on the money making aspect. It does not have to be that way. Ensuring the follow through of your members is to make them feel accountable for their actions. Train them to be consistent and reach deadlines. Challenge their knowledge. Make them feel that you value their efforts.
  8. Cultural differences – The cultural aspect of each individual can also hinder the productivity and communication of the teams. As the only Filipino virtual assistant in the team, I can tell the difference between me and the other American virtual colleague. He is more expressive, opinionated and eloquent in addressing the customers. I am meek, eager to learn even if I am slow and kinda hesitant. It did not bother me a lot. Not unless I was told that I am not doing my best. The company shows respect for cultural diversity in the virtual workforce. That is why it was easy for me to work with them for years.

Never be lenient in addressing the challenges in the virtual workforce. Pushing the boundaries between the individual and the company will create benefits for both of them. Virtual companies should not restrict virtual employees on what they can do better. By creating a conducive environment, virtual teams may surpass and reach higher goals.


Reference: CultureWizard

Photo Credits: Freepik

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