Create your own app with Appypie

Create your own app

Create your own app with Appypie as easy as 1-2-3

Competition and availability always play a major role in the e-commerce small business. In this industry, it is hard to keep up with businesses that started way ahead of you. Being able to stay consistent with the technology and developing strategies to keep winning proves to be a challenging approach.

Several e-commerce small companies branch out to a more advanced way of engaging their customers and stay afloat for the long term. Starting an application extends every online company into attracting mobile users. The end users as what they call them. Having a mobile application makes every end user access the services and products they want.

Appy Pie is a cloud-based mobile apps builder software that allows anyone with no programming skills to create Android and iPhone applications. Features include:

create your own appmobile casino

best workout appsloyalty card app

More features are read here.

The features are designed to make any entrepreneur stand out from any competition. You develop a custom app for any program development. Business owner, students and anyone with no knowledge are welcome to try the program.

One of the services they offer is the Student App Developer Program for University and School. Young or old are requested to join regardless of age. Everything is drag and drop. Easy customization options for any industry related app you want to develop.

Their program is compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and FireOS. They have helped and support built over 1 million applications worldwide. The company provides sales and live chat support. Currently, they have a limited offer 20% off on the plans.

They have in house developers that ensure your app meets the guidelines of the app stores. Not everything is for free. Except for the Free plan that allows you to edit your app within 48 hours. Not bad.

I recommend this mobile making software to anyone who wants to create your own app. Please feel free to browse the site.

Content source: Appy Pie

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Upwork Job Scams: Tips To Avoid Them

upwork job scams

I want to share you some tips to avoid Upwork Job Scams even the “smart ones” from revealing your personal information. Worst case scenario is not getting paid for what you work and the getting the value you deserve.

Tip 1:

Assess their profile. Obvious signs are they just join Upwork. Check Member Since information on the right corner of the invitation or job.

Tip 2:

Under the About the Client, it says Payment Method Not Verified. It’s a red flag not to have a payment method within Upwork. Upwork made it possible to have a verified payment method to get your money securely. Not a short cut method. It is never going to work with a client who does not follow Upwork policies when it comes to the freelancer’s earnings protection.

Tip 3:

No interviews or no hire rate on their profile. There might be 1 or 5 more proposals. 1 interviews might be appealing. Seriously, it does not have a proven track record that it ever hired someone from Upwork. It rings a lot of bells. Just trust your gut.

Tip 4:

Information provided is too general. There is no company name. The name provided by the Human Resources department sound too good to be true. Check for the company resources online. There are a lot of resources about scammers and companies. Sometimes, they have all the information right. Ask a few questions about the job, the company, how are you going to be paid and contact numbers. Some scammers are able to answer these questions. Always have the name of the person who interviews you.

Tip 5:

No company ever sends you a check without completing a job! Ever! These type of scammers prey on your personal information and they are identity thieves. Be careful not to divulge any SSS or Tax No. No employer asks for information up front before you sign contracts.

Tip 6:

They use Google Hangout for interviews and use chat as means of getting to know you. Most of my clients use Skype and Google Mail. Be careful doing conversations with them without knowing the person first and who they represent.

Tip 7:

They use fake email addresses for companies. An example would be like “”. I actually applied to Transcom Worldwide and their email address is nothing close to what I read.

Tip 8:

Looking for freelancers with the lowest rates. They target people who are badly looking for jobs.

Tip 9:

You receive an invitation. You never send a proposal about the job. That’s alarming.

Tip 10:

They cut you off when you ask questions. Drop you out of the project without any warning. Good riddance!

Take my word for it. It is never easy in any freelancing organization where everyone is trying to get jobs and be paid. Learn your value. Don’t waste your time. Be wise!



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