Shocking Truth About Being A Remote Support

remote support

Working more than 8 hours a day is an expression of commitment to my job. To run a remote support business, putting more effort and hard work into it is not an easy job. It’s my profession and I want to be accountable for myself. Trying to learn that to be in this business. I have to be fully committed and be determined to go where my business would take me.

When I started my virtual path a few years ago, I thought it would be the same as having a 9 to 5 job. I realized during my journey. There is no holding back about learning the future of being a home based worker. A lot of things could happen. At first, I was not sure that I should be going in this direction. Because I constantly face being criticized of being in front of the computer all the time. Telling me that I should be doing what everyone else is following.

My encounter with several clients that I met online have tested my abilities to its fullest. I surprised at myself for being able to do what I cannot do. Able to deliver great results for what they want. It was a revelation that this type of job could work for me. I don’t like listening to someone who is uncomfortable with the idea of being a home based assistant. Doing work in front of the laptop or computer all the time. I love computers. Their decisions might push me. I don’t want it to dictate how I want to follow my passion.

I am a full-time employee and I learn to love the life as a virtual assistant. They were wrong about the kind of job that would suit me. I was happy to manage to work alone and being able to focus on my job. They added I could end up as a socially awkward person. Honestly, I was not. I volunteer for teaching jobs and join networking. I appreciate the cycle of my obligations. The balance and the freedom I experience made my life simpler compared before.

I finished my teaching certification. Other things like having a few courses up my sleeve really help me to step up in the race. The situation engages me to be fully aware of my skills and capabilities. Not take them for granted and allow me to learn in the process. My job inspires me to be exceptional at what I do. It made me appreciate that not every journey is a one size fits all plan.

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Quick Solutions: Ways to Deal With Stress

ways to deal with stress

Panicking? Struggling? Tired? Bored? Feeling lazy?Need to Find Solutions?

Do those words familiar to you? You are not the only one trying to manage your life, work and personal at the same time. Finding ways to deal with stress. You may own a company, an employee or a freelancer still there are times you ask yourself, why can’t you complete tasks in time. Or you question your ability whether you are doing everything in your power. You cannot figure out a solution to push yourself more. Yet you get burn out.

The reason why we need to step back and try to see the big picture small. How many times have you felt you need a break? We all need a break. When you have a lot going on in your life. You need to do the following:

  1. Take a 5 to 15 minutes break before you start any task. The first two hours of the day is crucial. Focus on the two tasks you want to complete. Do not cram too many to-dos’  in two hours.
  2. Write all your responsibilities that you can do in a day on a piece of paper. One way to relieve yourself from the stress of thinking all of your activities. Look at your list and pick the important job you have to do. Do this every time you feel overwhelmed.
  3. Do not juggle too many works. Women are known to be great multitaskers. But it is not useful in getting things done immediately. You can do this for 5-15 mins then do another one. It is endless. Get one stuff done before doing another thing is not going to work. Give it your 100% attention.
  4. Get rid of distractions. The first thing you need to do is to stop checking your social media accounts like Facebook. Try to limit yourself from interruption. Ask help to redirect your calls and take messages for you. Do not to check your email for 30 minutes. Stick to a schedule and start to get things done. Once you have covered everything, allow yourself to be available.
  5. Take into account what you can and cannot do. Keep it real. You only have 8-hour day work. Do not stretch yourself out. Or you will get burn out. Notice how many minutes or hours you can finish work. If it takes longer schedule it. Some can be planned for the next days. Plan your activities wisely.
  6. Get a planner to manage your schedules. You always get to decide what you need to do on the day or the next day. The purpose of the planner is to write your to-dos and not keep it to memory. Sometimes when you try to remember so many things that you forget the essential stuff you want to do.
  7. Plan in advance. Try to plan your week before it starts. It gives you the control on your schedule and gives you that gratifying feeling. Be sure not to limit yourself on the schedule you set. Sometimes, things extend a few days. So watch out for changes.
  8. Get support. Get help from a colleague, a friend or a mentor who can guide your decision-making. You cannot do everything. Ask for a favor and ask someone to fill in for you. Especially if you are running behind the schedule.

We all worry about our schedules. When you get that control to handle your work schedule. It will give you more time on things that are important to you. You can give more time to family or for yourself. Discover what works for you. Apply it consistently and seek to improve your habits every day.


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Life-Changing High Expectations: Step-by-Step Guide

high expectations

In the virtual assistant’s world, both employers and virtual assistants have to mismatch high expectations when it comes to acquiring skills, job requirements, work performance, and career stability. A virtual assistant does not put herself in a situation. Doing tasks for a boss who delegates everyday tasks. Unknowingly, he starts to think about not paying your once training starts.

To get the service you deserve. Think about your virtual assistant’s expectations. You can lay ground rules for your business. You fall short on giving job benefits to her. You are going to miss out on one thing that could make her happy. Here are common reasons:

a.) A VA can do everything perfectly without mistakes. VA’s are humans. We commit mistakes just like anyone else. We all have different ways of learning and coping. Adjust your standards when hiring someone from India or the Philippines. They may not be as aggressive like the Americans.

b.) Being able to read your mind. Employers duty is to communicate about hours of working, work leaves, salary, working days and rest days. Virtual assistants should tell their side too without limitations. An agreement is finalized before starting projects. 

c.) Not laying a good foundation for job contracts. As we all know, there are too good to be true jobs and scam jobs that offer great pay and commission. Yet they leave you feeling in the middle and not satisfied with the results. 

d.) The process of hiring and firing. Hiring a VA is not shopping and free. Don’t even think of hiring several virtual assistants and let them do work with you like they are supposed to be paid for the job they do. Train them, know your boundaries. 

As a start-up business owner, give yourself time to learn. Patience to admit your mistakes and grow from it. Never rely too much on what you know. Short-term goals are important aside from the long-term goals that you set for your business. Start reading, learning and educating yourself on becoming the great employer.


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