Top Automation Tools For E-commerce Business

e-commerce business

Online Tools For E-commerce Business

Becoming a business owner in handling your e-commerce business takes too many hands-on efforts to make sure your store runs smoothly. I research tools to make your life easier and be able to give your business the attention it needs.

1. Task Management Software.

Having a task manager helps you to achieve goals and be able to stay organized. The software reminds you of time and lets you set occurring schedules.

I recommend the following:

Asana  – I recommend it for anyone who is managing the small business team of 3 or more. What I like about this software is the ability to repeat tasks for a period of time and day. It helps me to identify which tasks are under a specific project.


Wunderlist – It’s as a professional collaboration tool and a personal organizer for any occasion. Usable for any devices that are compatible with Mac, Android, iPhone, Apple Watch, Windows Phone, Chromebook, and Kindle. It is free not unless you want to go Pro or Business.


Evernote  – It comes in different plans, Basic, Plus, and Premium. The premium plan is only $5. 83. The free features only taking notes, tracking tasks and saving the information you find on the web. It has a feature called Web Clipper that I really like using.


Dapulse – A visual project management tool. The nice feature about this program is the Board Project Template. It provides you to start from scratch or gives you the preview of templates you want to use. Here is a sneak peek below.


2. Customer Support Software – Reaching out to customers can be time-consuming. Giving them the answers they need like purchasing a product, product concerns, payment issues and more. Implementing a help desk to make all customer service tasks efficient.

I recommend the following:

Zendesk – offers multi-channel support that includes live chat, call center software, analytics, reporting and group collaborations.


Desk – All-in-one customer support tool that combines mobile support, multi-channels, case management and productivity tools. I heard a lot of positive reviews about Desk. They have plans like Standard, Pro and Business Plus. Free trial works only for 14 days.


HelpScout  – The features are embed tools, 50+ applications, and integration, custom applications, email templates and signatures, Google apps, multiples mailboxes and more. Read all the features here. I have read positive and negative reviews about HelpScout. I observe that it depends upon your use of the software. Some people are confused about its interface. Some want to add additional minor changes that improve their quality of work. 


3. Email Marketing Automation

Most consumers purchase after receiving a promotional email. A branded campaign is one of the tools to make sure your customer’s responses are recorded every device.

I recommend the following:

Mailerlite – I use this program to make creative and custom email newsletters. What I really like about Mailerlite is the drag and drop HTML editor and popups. It is hassle-free and takes less than a five minutes to make my own campaign.


MailChimp – The company has the most e-commerce integrations like connecting to Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Woocommerce, Prestashop and more. Their marketing automation is simple and the best that I used. Their customizable email templates help you to speed up the marketing process. You can even monitor your sales and website activity with their Google Analytics reporting features. Check all the features here.


AWeber – is one of the popular email marketing service providers. They target small to medium-sized businesses to manage their email marketing. My experience with AWeber is getting applications connected to the apps and WordPress. Using it was easy and effortless. Since 1998, they offer the best support and access to email tracking, templates, management, library of how to’s and tutorials.


4. Finance Support – It is time-consuming to manage all your billing, invoicing and financial planning. By doing it right and by using the proper tools. You’ll stay on top of your business.

There are plenty of tools to choose from.

I recommend the following:

Quickbooks Pro Desktop – I recently attended training including the online version. I observed that the interface is understandable and easy to use. Using this software must have previous basic experience. For someone who does not have enough experience with Quickbooks. Try their online version and free trial for 30 days.

The online version caters to self-employed and small businesses. They currently have 50% discount for 6 months.


Xero – A Mobile-ready platform that is ideal to monitor your financial transaction on the go. Most reviews say that Xero is manageable compared to Quickbooks when it comes to a smaller screened device. I have not tested Xero and its mobile features to give you a more detailed preview.


WaveApps – is a free financial software for small business. The best feature is accessing the program anywhere using any computer with internet. What I love using it is their ability to invoice and bill clients on schedule. I can set recurring schedules on client monthly payments. Receive bills according to my monthly subscriptions like utilities, business payments, and expenses.

I schedule instant notifications to my email to send upcoming invoices, bills, and expenses. I like how it generates reports and statements. Here is a sneak peek inside WaveApps.

waveapps accounting

5. Website Analytics – Any e-commerce store needs to evaluate their performance in order to succeed. The life and blood for e-commerce stores to keep track the insights of their business. From traffic to conversions, down to the keywords you want to track.

Getting into analytics is complicated. Take an online free course before getting deeper into the analytics structure. Not all analytics are the same for every site.

I recommend the following:

Google Analytics – Free tool that you can start with. It is great for authority and blog sites. They do not accept affiliate sites. It is highly recommended for anyone starting out in the e-commerce business.

Google Analytics

Kissmetrics – It is called the Behavioral analytics and engagement platform. Your email campaigns are automated and every detail is all in one place.


6. CRM Software – A tool to improve your relationship with your customers. You will be able to collect data from your customers and personalize their experience.

I recommend the following:

Infusionsoft – A powerful sales and marketing software that integrates with thousands of apps. Their features boast of centralizing client data, marketing automation, sales automation, online sales, analytics, payments, integrations and mobile support.


Hubspot CRM – Free CRM tool for small businesses. It is easy to use and automatic sales processes. Good for companies with employees up to 1,000 employees. It centralizes all the information to keep track of the information for your business.

hubspot crm

Dapulse – A CRM and a Project tool in one with a visual interface. Keeps you on track customer interactions and improve sales. Fits your every need for a growing business.


7. Inventory Management – Keeping track of your stock, manage inventory, sell more products and constant flow in and out of your business. Important data to oversee potential issues that might occur for any e-commerce business.

It would take a lot of time for you to manage everything without automation. The role of having an inventory management system is making sure you are organized. It also shortens lengthy business processes that end up ruining your business.

I recommend the following:

Plex Inventory Management – This cloud-based online inventory management helps you manage real-time and accurate inventory with vivid resolution. Specialize in manufacturing operations. It supports to keep you on track of records and activities of tools and products.  It is fully integrated with barcode printing and scanning.

Plex Inventory Management

Ordoro Business Operations Inventory Management – Boasts of having all these features in one package: Shipping, Inventory Management, Kitting, Dropshipping, Automation, Supplier Management and Advanced Analytics.

Their inventory management system is easy to use and organize. You can easily handle supplier and product information. Keep up with your workflow and be able to analyze your top selling products online.

Integrate this program with sales channels, shipping carriers, fulfillment services, accounting, point-of-sale, and tools.

Ordoro Business Operations Inventory Management

SIMMS 2014 Inventory Management – An affordable software designed for optimizing business inventory processes and makes it easy for you to use. It is specifically great for stock management. SIMMS handles mass business coordination and creates an environment very simple to understand.

SIMMS 2014 Inventory Management

TradeGecko – The best tool for modern merchants that offers the following features: Inventory Control, Inventory Optimization, Multi Warehouse, Order Management, Multi-Channel Sales, Wholesale, Sales Reports, Purchasing, Backordering, CRM, Order Fulfillment, Accounting, Batch and Expiry Tracking, Inventory reports, Price lists, and shipping.

The system allows you more time to organize and focus on your growing customers and e-commerce business. You can start a 14-day trial. Small business plans start at $199 per month.


8. Marketing Automation – Get effective marketing campaigns on social media and on the web. The tool to focus on the right demographics and target market. Be able to get the right results and increase sales every time.

I recommend the following:

HubSpot – They provide an inbound marketing software that provides you responsive templates for website marketing, content with real SEO suggestions, personalized landing pages, personalized path to purchase and more.


Infusionsoft – All in one sales and marketing software that uses marketing automation targets small businesses. Achieve higher engagement on your business. This program is perfect for you. It helps you build marketing campaigns and landing pages. Their marketplace has ready-made campaign templates for you to use. They integrate website tracking to provide you real data to view customers efforts.


9. Social Media Management – Platforms or social media channels that help you to set up various marketing and content for your target audience. Automating all your social media makes the posting easy and efficient to execute.

I recommend the following:

Hootsuite – Simple dashboard user-friendly and efficient to use. I love using this tool. I have an app on my smartphone and it pleases me every day that I schedule and share my social media campaigns.


Buffer –  Great social media management tool for collaboration and businesses. You can schedule up to 2,000 posts in advance. Be able to connect to 25 social media accounts. Get deep insights about your performance in getting to know your audience.

They have a free 14-day trial plan.  Plans for Small Business good for 25 social accounts, Medium Business good for 50 social accounts, Large Business good for 150 social accounts and Enterprise good for 150 plus social accounts.


SproutSocial – The Top tool for every social media marketer. The software features an all-around platform that suits every e-commerce business needs. Manage your every social media on this powerful tool. It helps you to engage, publish your campaigns and measure analytics report with ease.


Note: All links provided are direct sources of information for the article.





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Ways To Increase your Digital Marketing Tactics

digital marketing

Looking for the complete digital marketing course that will get you back on the right track? If your answer is YES. Check this skills based online company called General Assembly.

They offer Digital Marketing course that upgrades your skills in Analytics, Social Media, Google Adwords and Excel. Everything you need to know social advertising.

It is a 10 week part time course that helps you to use the most relevant tools, frameworks, and best practices to promote a brand, drive sales lead, and increase customer engagement.

Personally, I check this course a few days ago and they’re good. The only thing you need to know that some course offers are not for free. They come with a price.

I am not discouraging anyone who is interested to take a course at GA. There are always financing options if you want to get certified with the best source for training, staffing, and career transitions.

The gap in your knowledge in getting the right career you love is the cause for not booking enough clients and land more projects. Why not take the courses that are fit for you and harness your skill.

It is all about your skills and the opportunity that comes along with it. Make your passion an important aspect for yourself or your business. Grow and be a part of the thriving digital marketing environment that helps small businesses and e-commerce companies succeed.

Not now. Not Later. Today. Learn to grow. Learn to acquire the knowledge and skills you need. Be a part of the growing elite community that educates individuals and companies in demand of workforce in our changing economy.

Get award winning education and be in demand everywhere you go. Stand out in the crowd and get noticed by employers and small businesses. Check General Assembly to learn more.

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Free Virtual Assistant Online Jobs Seek Resources

online jobs seek

Looking a for a home based online job can be complicated and takes a lot effort. For the past years, online jobs have increased and have been successful targeting freelancers and people with a specializing set of skills. A lot of us would take the time to build our reputation online and find a job. Yet the world of the internet is vast. Thus, give us a lot of opportunities. When we see other people become successful at what they are doing. We also reach to a point of finding that success for our own.

Success is inevitable without action. Action is the start of success. What do we do about it? Simple. We research the best and top online jobs seek resources the internet has to offer. What I have below are lists that I collected for the past months. I call it the best online jobs seek resources for virtual assistants. These sites are great sources for new jobs, new opportunities for everyone who barely found their success and they want to find it online. 

What you can do is to browse each site, read the pricing and payment agreements and how you can land a client. Getting a client is not easy. While doing my research, I focus on two aspects of finding sites and companies that anyone can use online to find a job. My criteria for these online job resources is they need to be legitimate, offer online jobs and can accept international freelancers.

1. Elance
3. Upwork (Formerly Odesk)
4. Craigslist
5. Fiverr
6. Virtual Assistants
6. Virtual Coworker
7. Freelancer
8. Virtual Staff Finder
9. Jobstreet
10. Myoutdesk
11. TimeDoctor
12. Linkedin
13. Virtual Assistant Jobs
14. Guru 
15. Vanetworking 
16. Freelancer
17. Amazon Mechanical Turk
18. Ziptask
20. Staff
21. Truelancer
22. Task Army
23. Rent- ACoder
24. TaskRabbit
25. PeoplePerHour
26. iFreelance
27. Outsourcely
28 Hiremymom
29. Adtriboo
30. Job-Drop
31. Flexjobs
32. Backdoorjobs 
33. Coolworks 
34. Behance 
35. Flexprofessionals
36. Toptal
37. 99designs
38. Freelance Writing Jobs
39. Demand Media
40. College Recruiter
41. Project4Hire
42. Simplyhired
43. Damongo
44. StudioD Talent Network
45. Fourrer
46. Findeavor
47. Freelanced
48. GenuineJobs
49. Gigblasters
50. Gigbucks
51. Gigdollars
52. Greatlance
53. ImGigz
54. JustAnswer
55. Jobboy
56. Microworkers
57. Rapidworkers
58. Shorttask
59. Smashing Jobs
60. StudentFreelance
61. Tenbux
62. Tutor
63. We work remotely
64. Workhoppers
65. YunoJuno
66. Zeerk

67. Remote  – used to be

For Writers and Editors:

68. Freelance Writing Gigs
69. Government Bids
70. Journalism jobs
71. Online Writing Jobs
72. Problogger
73. RedGage
74. Scribendi
75. Textbroker
76. Triond
77. Writerbay

For Designers and Programmers

78. Artwanted
79. Authenticjobs
80. CrowdSpring
81. Coroflot
82. DesignCrowd
83. Envato Studio
84. Field Nation
85. Hexi Design
86. Joomlancers
87. Programmer meet Designer
88. Project4Hire
89. SEOClerks
90. Top Coder

Online Teaching Jobs
91. HigherEdJobs
92. GetEducated
93. Aim For A Tutoring
94. TIE Online
95. ETeach International
96. TutorVista
97. Verbling
98. BestTeacher
99. Sankei English
100 FunnyEdu
101. WonderKidsEnglish

I hope that you were able to find what you need on this post. You have to remember that getting a job takes effort and time. Never underestimate your skills, always try to learn something every day. Take time to learn and be accountable.

Updated as of October 29, 2017

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Top 10 Popular Social Media Sites

social media

As a virtual assistant, we always live to learn how popular social media sites work to our advantage. Not only virtual assistants benefit from these sites also small and large businesses.

Before you start your marketing plan, check my top 10 popular social media sites:

  1. Facebook – You can open a page for business, store by Shopify and use Facebook marketing tools and analytics.
  2. Pinterest – With such growth of users and the demand of buyable pins (since holidays are near). This social media site captured my attention with its amazing image based pins.
  3. LinkedIn – This site offers professional network connections where you can find a job that is related to your field.
  4. Twitter – Marketing using Twitter is diverse. You can post text and image based ads right away.
  5. Google Plus – I like Google plus because Google have a lot of applications and programs you can use. Like Blogger, Gmail, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Tool, Google Drive, Google documents and more. It is suitable for webtrepreneurs who wants to have one programs with lots of added benefits.
  6. Instagram – You can post an image or a video. Some business owners manage to use Instagram to their own advantage by selling their products using the marketing tools.
  7. Tumblr – You can use this site to blog and post your own articles, images and videos.
  8. Youtube – I place this 8th because I have not tried to make my own videos (soon). Create and use videos for personal or business use.
  9. Flickr – You want a place to upload and share you photos this site is for you.
  10. Reddit – You can submit content, connect with people, market your business or you are looking for answers to specific topics. This site if for you.

The basis for my ranking is not according to online statistics. I rank it according to my use. I hope you find this useful. Remember, use the social media site that will work to your advantage.

PhotoCredits: FreeVector

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Genuine Tips: 20 Rules to Business Success

business success

SFI President Gery Carson’s 20 Rules to Business Success and I want to share with you. Since it provides me the best insight that I need to focus and the ideas to help me succeed. Business Success is not just by reading and saying it. You have to take action. Get it done and start planning.

Here are his tips to success that you can follow:

1. Treat your business…like a business! 

2. DO something to grow your business every day. Do small goals everyday and keep the momentum going. 

3. Lead by example. 

4. Work with the workers. Listen to your workers and get to know about them.

5. YOU succeed only if THEY succeed. This is an employee and employer business relationship that if you help them succeed. They will help you succeed in your business. 

6. YOU make it happen, no one else. Just do it. 

7. Leaders are readers. Do not assume you know everything. An example is to read a book about marketing. If you do not how to market your business. Learn all you can about the applicable marketing strategies on your business. 

8. Open your eyes to your potential. A business opportunity, idea or strategy are good foundations for a successful business.

9. Set goals…and publish them!

10. Have a plan (a realistic plan).

11. Winning starts with beginning.

12. Focus.

13. Send praise down (and criticism up).

14. Don’t quit.

15. Think BIG.

16.  Don’t major in minors.

17. Don’t be a negative thinker.

18. Some will, some won’t. So what?! Someone’s waiting! Next!

19. Persist until you win.

20. Treat your business like taking care of yourself. Take care of your health and love yourself. It is not good to only think about working to make money and do business.  (From me)

Credits to Strong Future International and © Dana Rothstein | Dreamstime Stock Photos

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